The Löv Story

Dare to be different
Löv Stockholm was founded on the idea of not being like everyone else. We want to create something unique and different with a story to show our customers that there are alternative ways to go. With this as a starting point, Löv Stockholm's first collection of bags and accessories in leaf leather was launched, which also named the company (Löv is the Swedish translation of leaf).

What is Leaf leather?
Leaf leather is a material based on leaves from the teak tree. Fallen leaves are collected then laid out in the sun to dry. The leaves are then bound together by placing them in water, creating sheets of bound leaves. The sheet's structure is then reinforced with cotton, which also creates a soft inside. Finally, the sheet is sealed in a thin layer of non-toxic BOPP film, which makes the material water-repellent and durable, while highlighting the fibers of the leaves and giving a natural feel. When this process is completed, the handmade products for Löv Stockholm are manufactured.

We are not perfect!
But we do our best! Although leaf leather is a great alternative to animal leather, it is not perfect. 99% of the material is of natural origin (70% leaf pulp, 20% cotton, 9% non-woven fabric) but 1% is man-made (BOPP film). The film makes the material durable, water-repellent, increases the life of the products and when it is burned, it is converted into water vapor and carbon dioxide. Our goal is to replace the last percent with an even better alternative.

Teak leaves have a long historical tradition in Thailand. The indigenous people, Lan Na, in the northern part of the country have used the leaves for roofing, wrapping food, among other things,. Teak leaves are large, durable and resilient which has led to its many different uses. The use of the leaves has developed over time and through innovation and development they succeeded in 2003 in producing the material that is today known as leaf leather.